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#1591 (0) [X]
<Trykon> Happy Father's Day, those among you to whom that applies
* Trykon looks knowingly at Marka and Valthir
* Trykon has quit (Quit: VE Rules!)
<Raziel0511> so Marka and Valthir are Tryks parents?
<Marka> More or less.
<ValMob> Yay
* ValMob sidles up to Marka
<ValMob> How you doing big boy
<Marka> Full mast.
<ValMob> Giggiteh
#1592 (0) [X]
<Fury> clinton did not inhale but his interns swallowed
<Fury> well, that one didn't get her gag reflex in check
<Fury> never say never, though i only *just* got to the point where i don't wake up wanting one
#1593 (0) [X]
<Echelon> I'd start spitting stats at you but scout isn't here.
<Raziel> Scout does like spit
#1594 (0) [X]
<~Havock> oh and we can't kill anyone, so E-11's have fine Stun feathers
<~Havock> *features
<~Havock> feathers? really?
Garryll mounts a feather bayonet on his E11 and stuns his enemies with the tickling abilities
#1595 (0) [X]
<~Jae> I like having higher ops than havock
<~Jae> Havock*
<~Jae> Makes me wiggle with joy~
<@Havock> you just like being on top
Comment: so true
#1596 (0) [X]
[17:55] * Jae places her face over palm and slowly shakes her head
#1597 (0) [X]
<@Havock> once you merge there is no return, one layer has become one with another, the journey towards unity is complete
#1598 (0) [X]
<Doc> Total dairy command
#1599 (0) [X]
<Hades> Havock!
Hades waves
Hades makes silly faces at Havock
DeepSix [[email protected]] has joined #Tuk'ata
ChanServ [[email protected]] has set mode +qo DeepSix DeepSix
<Hades> Deep, make Havock wake up
<Hades> >_<
DeepSix puts Hades to sleep instead o.o
<Hades> <_<
<~DeepSix> feel free to enjoy your nightmares of me ;)
#1600 (0) [X]
<Val> and I have no idea how that period got there
<Havock> it happens once a month Val.

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