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#1570 (-1) [X]
<Wicket> i love the snow!
<Doc> You also love a lot of questionable things
<Wicket> pshh
<Slasher> and a number of things that have already been questioned and convicted
- +
#1568 (1) [X]
* C-4| ([email protected]) has left #Vast_Empire
<Bacredi> C-3
<Beta> C-2
<@Stormz> Left....
<&Rizzit> C-1
* %Havock sighs
<Beta> C-OFF!
<@Stormz> Wowewwwww
<Bacredi> C-(-1)
<Bacredi> wait
<Bacredi> no
<Bacredi> now it's C-0
<&Rizzit> technically
<&Rizzit> its just C
<Beta> B
<Bacredi> C+1?
<%Havock> anyways two negaitves make a positive
<Bacredi> :P
<%Havock> so yea you just did C+1
<Bacredi> i didn't know
<Bacredi> >.>
<Bacredi> <.<
<%Havock> i teach algebra, this line of convo is like an effin nightmare
- +
#1567 (3) [X]
* Rogueboy clamps hands over his cheeks with his lips in a large o
* Doc fills the 'o'
- +
#1566 (1) [X]
<&Rizzit> [19:52] <@Fury> i don't see that work either <----wait a sec! Kadbot WORKS?
<@KadBot> Yes, my Master
<&Rizzit> I always thought Kadbot was on the fritz or something
<@KadBot> Rizzit, do you need anything?
<@Fury> flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, some butter and milk and a couple eggs
<&Rizzit> :D
<scout> sounds pretty simple
<&Rizzit> Kadbot, fetch that for Fury will ya?
<@KadBot> Rizzit, you is the shiznit
<&Rizzit> indeed I am

- +
#1564 (2) [X]
<Sherlock> Blow me kadbot
<KadBot> I am busy, Sherlock, take a number
- +
#1563 (3) [X]
<Beta> I'll name the new character Ryan
<RK> awww, I feel honored
<Beta> After me
<RK> ... jerk
- +
#1562 (2) [X]
*** Jeg has joined #Vast_Empire
<Shrek> Ah-ha!
<Shrek> Just the man I wanted to see
* Shrek pokes Jeggles
*** Jeg is now known as NotJeg
<NotJeg> See how that works?
<scout> wait, that's not jeg?
<NotJeg> Nope
<NotJeg> Well, wait.
<scout> maybe?
<NotJeg> Do you have responsibilities for me, or booze?
<scout> nah
<scout> I'm just here
<NotJeg> The I suppose I could be Jeg
<NotJeg> Then*
<scout> hmm
<scout> interesting
<scout> I've got booze over here
<scout> but you're not over here
<NotJeg> Much to my regret
<scout> also got some tasty rice rolls I just made
<scout> but I'm much too full to eat them
<NotJeg> That sounds revolting
<Shrek> We're resurrecting Osk. After I take a leak.
<scout> pfft
<scout> fresh rice, nice spinach, some carrot
<scout> a bit of radish
<NotJeg> I'm not Jeg, Snipes. Can't help you.
<Shrek> Well not Jeg will have to do
<Shrek> and I have lost my fabreeze
<Shrek> awesome
<NotJeg> NotJeg is even more useless than Jeg
<Shrek> Bah
<Shrek> fine, way to useless.
<NotJeg> ...I'm semi-here
<NotJeg> You can talk, I may or may not conspire
- +
#1558 (6) [X]
<MoksPokemon> can someone fill me in?
* Doc starts to unzip, "Sure thing"
- +
#1557 (2) [X]
<Angel> So yah.
<Angel> Came home from Indonesia
<Angel> laying on my coffee table is a bottle of "toy lube"
<Angel> Thanks Doc, I need to burn my coffee table now :P
- +
#1556 (2) [X]
* Doc hugs Kadbot
* KadBot slits Doc's throat with a butter knife
<Doc> :(
- +

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