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#173 (-10) [X]
<Angel> [22:59] * Lamel|Doriana pounces and licks G <<-spot?
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#225 (-9) [X]
<Fury> that's promisexd
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#147 (-7) [X]
<Dax> I'M NOT LOVED!!!
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#715 (-7) [X]
* Malik ([email protected]) has left #Vast_Empire
<RK> Hey Malik?
* Malik ([email protected]) has joined #Vast_Empire
<RK> ummm WB Malk
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#318 (-6) [X]
[05:38] <Gingy> imma cookie!
[05:38] <Shrek> >.<
[05:38] <Shrek> Yes, yes you are
[05:38] * Zolos has left #Vast_Empire
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#322 (-5) [X]
<Wicket> i like dolphins
<Tomas> Snipes or Marka's
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#549 (-3) [X]
* Hunter dodges and swings across a gap on his bullwhip
* Hunter is now known as Indy
<RK> whoa, since when did Hunter become Indiana Hunter?
<Indy> Since about a minute ago...
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#342 (-3) [X]
<arturus> I never got BI
Comment: Never got much. ;)
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#132 (-3) [X]
<homeword> its BIG and has A LOT OF GUNS
Comment: This quote can be taken many ways!
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#297 (-2) [X]
<Nams|Mira> that guy, get him!
<Rocketman1167> shit
* Rocketman1167 runs like hell
<Tomas> lol
* Tomas huggles Nams so she can't run after him
* Nams|Mira knes tomas in the groin
<Rocketman1167> ow
Comment: this is what i get for being gone.
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#574 (-2) [X]
*** Glaug-Eldare has joined #Vast_Empire
<RK> hey glaug
<Glaug-Eldare> ahoy
<Brightstar> Howdy GE
<RK> hmmm, General Electric, reminds me I have to chang emy lightbulb.
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#1415 (-2) [X]
<Stormz> stupid Kadbot
<KadBot> boolean isA_n00b(Stormz) return true;
<Willtconq> lmao
<Liquid> lol
<Stormz> wtf does that even mean?
<Willtconq> it means Stormz = n00b
<Sam> isA_n00b() is a function that takes in a user and sees if they are a n00b or not.
<Liquid> it's setting a variabe type deal to a boolean type
<Liquid> and returning true
<Liquid> ;)
<Willtconq> and it returns true, thus you're always a n00b XD
<Sam> woohoo, cs!
<Sam> ;P
<Liquid> lol
* Liquid is a geek
* Liquid is glad to be surrounded by geeks

Comment: geeks for life
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#191 (-2) [X]
Liquid: Lina...the small chested one?
Comment: August 3, 2002
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#208 (-2) [X]
* Toks whips out her flute
<Toks> It's also easier to wield than any other instrument so it's more effective
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#1502 (-2) [X]
<TK-112> i'm hungry
<TK-112> and my eye hurt

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#495 (-2) [X]
12:05] <Driver> normally wick the C.Dion would only be life in prison, but the nuthugger shorts in your fb pix pushes it up to a capital offense
[12:05] <Fabio> man those shorts were amazing
[12:06] <Tanus> hadouken
[12:06] <Fabio> they had words on the booty
[12:06] <Tanus> street fighter, nub
[12:06] <Famfest> okay......
[12:06] <Driver> really?
[12:06] <Tanus> as long as it wasn't 'Pink'
[12:06] <Famfest> lol
[12:06] <Fabio> yes really
[12:06] <Driver> it was 'Enter'
[12:07] <Fabio> i forget
[12:07] <Famfest> it probably said "the 19th Hole
[12:07] <Fabio> i think it said sexy
[12:07] <Glaug-Eldare> aids
[12:07] <Driver> oh, that's hetero
Comment: Damn, I was two off par
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#1570 (-1) [X]
<Wicket> i love the snow!
<Doc> You also love a lot of questionable things
<Wicket> pshh
<Slasher> and a number of things that have already been questioned and convicted
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#60 (-1) [X]
<Yillis> it's just aweso without me
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#90 (-1) [X]
* Joins: Arnaut
<Arnaut> It...it worked!
<Aphamos> finally you retard
<Aphamos> where the hell have you been?
<Arnaut> My IRC hasn't been working since Thursday!!!
<Arnaut> I...just booted it up now. And it came on!
<Aphamos> its the server you retard
<Arnaut> What?
<Aphamos> ok, someone else explain
<Sam> The VE server was down.
<Arnaut> Damn.
<Sam> So everyone went to the holonet server to communicate.
<Arnaut> Well.
<Sam> And now the VE server is back up...obviously. :P
<Arnaut> Does no one tell me these things?
<Aphamos> check the comnet
<Aphamos> wow
<Arnaut> I did!!!
<Sam> It was on the IRC troubles topic in the comnet. ;P
<Arnaut> I feel...well, a lot of things. But prominitely stupid.
<Aphamos> good
* Sam tackles Arnaut, "We still love you."
<Aphamos> but we wanna kill you
<Arnaut> That makes LOADS of sense.
<Wicket> doesnt it though
<Arnaut> No. No it doesn't. Not at all.

- +
#695 (-1) [X]
* Hunter slaps KadBot
* &KadBot throws an Imperial urinal cake at Hunter
* Hunter dodges and shots KadBot
* &KadBot is actually away right now, not paying any attention to Hunter
<Hunter> Fine with me.
<COWBOY|> You got burnt so hard
<COWBOY|> ...so very hard
<Hunter> So very hard?
Comment: ....
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#1210 (-1) [X]
[21:45:07] * Slasher ([email protected]) has joined #vast_empire
[21:45:11] <Bacredi> ... start blackberry
[21:45:12] <Bacredi> START!
[21:45:20] <Saint> meh, loved it when he beat the shit out of a guy with a book
[21:45:24] <Bacredi> oh yeah
[21:45:27] <Bacredi> the cooking book right?
[21:45:33] <Saint> Can't remember
[21:45:39] <Saint> saw it in theaters, not since
[21:46:36] <Slasher> hmm, of what do we speak?
[21:49:47] <Slasher> I say something, and everyone shuts up lol, well I need to go to bed anyway
[21:50:10] * Slasher has quit (Quit: )

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#206 (-1) [X]
<Max> i tipped my bottle and it vibrated for about three minutes
- +
#1507 (-1) [X]
<arturus> gah i dont like either team though
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#502 (-1) [X]
* Blue jumps in the but cavity
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#761 (-1) [X]
<Jeg> I only work as hard as my commanders. >.>
<Jeg> <.<
<Jeg> ^^
<Jeg> Laters
<Verk> lol
<Verk> Later Jeg
*** Jeg has quit (Quit: Sleep)
<Cosmic|Away> demoted.

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