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#64 (16) [X]
<Rizzit> so merr...when do I get that raise u promised?
* Merrick buys Rizzit a hooker
<Merrick> thats now up to you
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#234 (16) [X]
[21:18:23] * @KadBot starts singing Dante|RAIDERS's theme song, 'I'm a little n00bie short and stout, here is my nickname here is my SHOUT!!! When I get all flamed up hear me SHOUT!! Ban me forever, kick me out.'
Comment: OWNED
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#10 (15) [X]
<arturus> Insubordinate dolt
<Garet> robotic cold commander
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#76 (15) [X]
<Kadann> grrr...not again
<Kadann> takes about a month to get off
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#236 (15) [X]
* Anna sighs dreamily as she glances at Decem
<Anna> Then realization hit
* Anna screams
Comment: Anna = Aeos
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#109 (14) [X]
* Saint huggles Columbus' corpse
<Truth> You know... his corpse is in several peices actually
<Truth> In different churches around Spain
<Saint> well I collected them and keep them in a box under my bed.
<Saint> That's not creepy
<Truth> One even has claim to his reproductive organ
<Saint> Ok, I lied, that is creepy.
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#57 (13) [X]

<Riel_Fury> I actually go to dealerships after they close for the night and masturbate on windshields
<Merrick> you masturbate all the time Riel
<Riel_Fury> true... but I go out of the way to do it on windshields
<Riel_Fury> that's why it's worth noting
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#86 (13) [X]
<Talon> that man made me ache for a week strait
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#92 (13) [X]
<Yillis> i got my respect for you when you called something gay wicket
<Yillis> it made me so proud
<Doc> I think he called the bar he went to gay
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#25 (12) [X]
<Rogueboy> well I do have internet...
<Toks> o.O
<Toks> that'll give you viruses
<Rogueboy> we call them online STDs
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#541 (12) [X]
* Helena|Kand hands Chesh some birthday cake
<Helena|Kand> :D
<~Chesh> Oh yeah. Happy birthday.
<~Chesh> I assume Kand has taken care of the birthday spankings?
<Hunter> Heh....
<~Chesh> or does that come later?
<Hunter> Later...
<Helena|Kand> o_O
<Helena|Kand> BirthdY
<Helena|Kand> birthday spankings?*
<Helena|Kand> :p
<~Chesh> You guys don't have that in the UK?
<Helena|Kand> Nope :P
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#41 (12) [X]
<The_Wickster> the hills are alive with the sound of music
<Fury> the hills will be alive with the sounds of flogging if you don't stop being tone deaf
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#1369 (12) [X]
<Havock> and they...shampooed their hair together?
<Doc> They might do kinker things together at Angel's party :P
<Abalar> I'm hoping so xD
<Abalar> My best friend and I do it all the time
<Abalar> ... that shouldn't have been said
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#361 (12) [X]
<Stormz> oh i never told you congrats on your promo...so congrats :)
<Stormz> you got a big one!
<DriverX> ty, ive always had a big one
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#1417 (12) [X]
* Ani|Writing makes the trout rape Jamasis
* Jamasis wonders how
* Ani|Writing wonders why Jamasis isn't yelping

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#172 (12) [X]
<Decem> that's so unfair
<Decem> what the fuck did I do to deserve a promotion?
Comment: :P
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#222 (12) [X]
<Than_Sion> See, haveing mile long toys is fun!
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#243 (12) [X]
* Doc throws a condom at a random person, chucking them in the head
* Marka is chucked in the head.
* Doc hands Marka a 'use protection pamplet' before skipping off
* Marka is schooled in sex.
<Doc> Personal lessons are 50k ICs per hour ;)
* Marka checks his wallet...
<Marka> I think I can manage it.
<Marka> Will we be nekkid for the lessons?
<Doc> Wicket should show up within 24 hours
<Doc> ;P
<Marka> Hot DOG
* Joins: Wicket ([email protected])
<Tomas> heh
* Tomas pushes Marka into Wicket
* Marka worships Doc's psychic powers.
* Doc nods
* Marka latches on to Wicket.
<Marka> Hey big boy.
<Nams|Mira> wicket!
* Nams|Mira huggles
<Wicket> hey small guy
* Marka scolds Nams, "He's mine!"
<Wicket> nams!
<Wicket> im both!
* Marka hands Wicket a condom.
<Marka> Teach me how.
<Wicket> ok
<Wicket> so what you do is
* Joins: Driver|X-Ray ([email protected])
<Wicket> open the wrapper
<Driver|X-Ray> morning all
<Wicket> and then make sure you put it on the right way
<Wicket> hey driver
<Wicket> im teaching marka about condoms
<Wicket> wanna help?
* Driver|X-Ray steps away quickly
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#22 (11) [X]
<Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop...
<Rakysh> DAndruff
<Finch> ... God, Jak
<Tibbs> ?
<Doc[Aroudish]> [13:13:17] <Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop... <-- I think that doesn't need answering
<Finch> [13:13] <Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop... <--- Something we don't need to know
<Tibbs> Oh...OH.
<Tibbs> LOL.
<Tibbs> I think its dried ice cream, lol.
<Finch> Yeahsure
<Doc[Aroudish]> riiiiight
* Tibbs sighs
<Rakysh> Its definitely something dried
<Finch> Definately not ice cream
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#350 (11) [X]
<@KadBot> scout, I am your father
<scout> ...
<Aeos> Scout, I am your mother
<scout> Does that mean you and KadBot...
<scout> was he good?
* Aeos glances at Kadbot
* @KadBot pukes all over Aeos
<Aeos> Your father tends to be rusty Scout
- +
#360 (11) [X]
* Joins: Glaug-Eldare ([email protected])
<Glaug-Eldare> anything new from the meeting?
<Doc> Ya
<Doc> We're not going to be able to pay the hosting bill this month
<Doc> So no VE for a month
<Darr-Rann> ><
<Glaug-Eldare> sux
<Darr-Rann> I thought Kad was kidding about that.
<Stormz> at least
<Doc> Kad got married, his wife spent the hosting money on shoes
<Darr-Rann> The Webserver, or the Webserver and the IRC server/
<Doc> We can move to holonet
<Doc> So no worries on IRC
<Darr-Rann> bah
<Darr-Rann> The holonet sucks
<Glaug-Eldare> beats nothin
<Doc> Ya
<Darr-Rann> I dont want to share with those FESbians
<Glaug-Eldare> pfff
<Glaug-Eldare> elitist ;)
<Darr-Rann> we'll have to gather up all the posts on currently running stories
<Darr-Rann> so we can continue them
<Glaug-Eldare> maybe when the news gets on the front page we'll have more donations
<Glaug-Eldare> i guess i'll toss in a bit more
<Doc> Dunno it we'll have enoguh
<Darr-Rann> If we dont gather enough money this month, it'll probably go down for good
<Doc> Ya
<Darr-Rann> Kad's married now - he just cant afford this and the wife :P
<Glaug-Eldare> just think of it as VE dues :P
<Stormz> i think he should keep this :-/
<Glaug-Eldare> LOL
<DriverX> sell the wife
<Stormz> yeah
<Glaug-Eldare> romance schomance
<Stormz> you can make good money
<DriverX> should keep VE running for several months
<Darr-Rann> Nah
<Glaug-Eldare> til the FBI knocks on his door
<Darr-Rann> if you charged for VE
<Darr-Rann> we'd get sued
<Glaug-Eldare> why?
<Darr-Rann> He doesnt own star wars...
<Darr-Rann> :P
<Darr-Rann> Lucas would copyright-rape him
<Doc> Lucas cares about the fans, so we'd be fine
<Glaug-Eldare> LOL
<Darr-Rann> heh
<Stormz> lol
<Glaug-Eldare> then they'd charge for something else
<Darr-Rann> Sure. That's why he made episodes 1-3 :P
<Darr-Rann> VE could probably survive if they cut out stuff
<Glaug-Eldare> man couldn't he have vomited into the toilet instead of onto the silver screen
<Darr-Rann> Use someone else's IRC server, cut out the services like the FGB
<Doc> Ya, Lucas was scared how much we worshipped him, so he added Jar Jar
* Joins: aeos|mobile ([email protected])
<Darr-Rann> We'd end up with just the comnet
<Darr-Rann> pretty much
<Glaug-Eldare> oh well
<Darr-Rann> and he'd probably rewrite it in php so he doesnt have to pay the coldfusion bill
<Doc> Ya, a few features lost for a few months
* Darr-Rann nods
<Doc> Unless he doesn't bother to re-add them
<Darr-Rann> Might not
<Doc> It's not easy converting code like that
<Darr-Rann> Women are the Anticode
<Darr-Rann> :P
<Doc> Can't argue with that
<aeos|mobile> ...
* Quits: aeos|mobile ([email protected]) (Quit: jmIrc destroyed by the OS)
<Darr-Rann> heh
<Darr-Rann> think we pissed off Hellen? :P
<Darr-Rann> anywaya
<Darr-Rann> Anyways*
<Glaug-Eldare> lol
<Doc> She'll be fine when she see's the log ;)
<Darr-Rann> lol
<Darr-Rann> But yeah
<Darr-Rann> Everything ends eventually
<Darr-Rann> I'm surprised the VE has lasted this long
<Doc> mhm
<Doc> And canned tuna, who would've thought that idea would've sold
<Glaug-Eldare> uhhhh
<Glaug-Eldare> hasn't ended yet
<Darr-Rann> lol
<Darr-Rann> True enough glaug
<Doc> But its getting there
<Glaug-Eldare> donation derby B-)
<Darr-Rann> but if we downgrade, we'll lose alot of people
<Darr-Rann> might have to close a division
<Stormz> AMRY
<Glaug-Eldare> so pessimistic
<Doc> Specter, got some spare cash? We need to pay the VE hosting bill
<Stormz> Army*
<Doc> Actually the NAvy
<Doc> There has been past talk of merging the Navy into the Army
<Stormz> Navy is better than army
<Glaug-Eldare> don't complain til you pony up :P
<Darr-Rann> The Army is larger
<Specter1000|DD> whats going on?
<Stormz> Navy is cooler
<Glaug-Eldare> in real life i must admit the navy is cooler
<Darr-Rann> the navy would get ttrashed and fused into the army
<Stormz> nope
<Darr-Rann> Talking about the news from the meeting
<Glaug-Eldare> but here what's there to fight about
<Darr-Rann> Kad wont be able to pay for the server next month
<Doc> High Command of the Army is stronger than the Navy
<Darr-Rann> and the VE might end up getting shrunk down or closed
<Doc> So it only makes sense
<Glaug-Eldare> there's so much mixing between the VEN and VEA it doesn't matter
<Glaug-Eldare> ooh..raining here
<Glaug-Eldare> nature heard the news
<Darr-Rann> lol
<Darr-Rann> It sucks, because I've been a member of the VE for nearly three years
<Doc> I can't imagine how Cosmic will react, he has... seven years?
<Blue> ya
<Glaug-Eldare> I feel bad for PVT Lioss
<Doc> Poor Cos, his 'novel' adventure will be for naught
<Glaug-Eldare> we're not finished yet!
<Glaug-Eldare> ><
<Darr-Rann> heh
<Darr-Rann> I never made officer ><
<Darr-Rann> So close, too
<Blue> I bet I wont get promo till 2 months
<Blue> any bets?
<Doc> I made it at least
<Darr-Rann> Blue
<Darr-Rann> Two months from now
<Glaug-Eldare> in the words of Admiral Tolwyn, the STRONG WILL SURVIVE!
<Darr-Rann> the VE might not be here
<AnT> hrmm?.. kad leaked the news already?
<Darr-Rann> You knew?
<Darr-Rann> ><
<AnT> ..well.. i'm a @ not for nothing :/
<Darr-Rann> lol
<Glaug-Eldare> hehe
<Blue> ?
<Darr-Rann> He told all the higher-ups, I take it
<Darr-Rann> Blue
<Darr-Rann> Kad cant pay the server bill this coming month
<Darr-Rann> the VE is going down for a week
<Darr-Rann> and it might not come back up
<Stormz> maybe longetr
<Glaug-Eldare> donate now while the page is still up ;)
<AnT> actully, we have difficulties from... long time ago
* AnT points to the banner and stuff at main.cfm
<Doc> Ya, Kad getting married hurn the budget a lot
<Doc> hurt*
<Doc> That had to be the final push
* Darr-Rann nods
<Darr-Rann> He cant afford to put his own money into the VE anymore
<Stormz> is there a way to send in a donation WITHOUT payapl?
* Darr-Rann shrugs
<Doc> You can use a credit card throught paypal
<Glaug-Eldare> Dear Kadann, enclosed is a check for $20...
<Doc> Don't need an actual paypal account
<Glaug-Eldare> yeah that's what i did
* Darr-Rann pats Glaug on the head
<AnT> $20?.. you think the bandwidth only cost that amount??
<Darr-Rann> Dont worry. Some people are just born neive :P
<DriverX> naive
<Darr-Rann> Naive*\
<Darr-Rann> Naive*
<Darr-Rann> ><
<jokerace> lol
<Darr-Rann> :P
<Glaug-Eldare> naïve ;)
<Doc> I guess Kad hasn't bothered to put up the meeting logs, no point if it's not going to be hosted anymore
<Glaug-Eldare> well, my 15 is better than nothing right
<Darr-Rann> ture enough
<Darr-Rann> true*
<Darr-Rann> you donate?
<Glaug-Eldare> yeah
<Darr-Rann> Yeah.. glaug?
<Darr-Rann> There was no meeting today...
<Doc> >.>
<Doc> <.<
<Glaug-Eldare> lol
<DriverX> owned
<Doc> Kad's 15 bucks richer
<DriverX> and glaug gets a title
<Doc> Yup

Later in PM...
<Darr-Rann> ahhh... we're so getting demoted :P
<Doc> It was worth it

Comment: Sooooo demoted
- +
#107 (11) [X]
<Cosmic> i dont need showers.
<Cosmic> the Force licks me every 30 minutes
- +
#112 (11) [X]
<Decem> Fury...
<Decem> the roads have secret microphones
<Fury> sure, but i put pennies in my tires
- +
#164 (11) [X]
<Alater> our mom is tasty
<Rogueboy|Class> ...
<Alater> *your
<Wicket> you guys have the same mom?!
<Orobos> lol
<Wicket> and you know what she tastes like?!
<Alater> Wow, being dissed by Wicket is like watching an idiot fall down the stairs, not all that funny but the concept wants to make you laugh anyway
- +
#180 (11) [X]
[22:05:48] <Tibbs|Pwnage> 'Tis why we keep you people up there, where its cold.
[22:06:00] <Darr-Rann> lol
[22:06:23] <Darr-Rann> Oh yeah. Us canadians would rule the world by now, if it wasn't for the cold.
[22:06:40] <Darr-Rann> We're behind global warming you see
[22:07:00] <Darr-Rann> One day, when the planet has warmed enough, we'll rise up and conquer the northern hemisphere.
- +
#726 (11) [X]
<Blue-Leader> older, I think, you and her can rot in hell
<Angel> <Doc> ... older/younger? <<- and does she play DnD, right Doc? :P
* Doc shrugs
<Tanus> 'Let's role play... you can be the nurse, and i can be the doctor...'
<FSM> saving roll for anal
<Tanus> hahahaha
<Angel> Now those are my RPGs.
<Tanus> you would
<Chesh> As long as her Charisma stats are waaaay above the Intelligence stats.
<Chesh> o_O
* Chesh feels dirty
<Blue-Leader> ...
<Doc> And as long as the INT score is above 3
<Doc> Else it becomes beastality
<Tanus> depending on the sex, it could in fact go that way
<Blue-Leader> wait, what are we even talking about?
<Tanus> nailing your sister
- +
#244 (11) [X]
<Tomas> why am I only attractive to the 30+ year olds?
<Tomas> and in this case both the 30+ year old women AND men...
- +
#258 (10) [X]
<Nams|Mira> you grab some clothes, I'll grab the hubby and we'll all run away to a magical place....canada
<Nams|Mira> tomas will probably hold us up for a while, we'll beat him into doing it
<Doc> Nah, Rogueboy would be better
<Nams|Mira> well driver would be better better but he's in the states and I cn't be seen there if I do run away
<Nams|Mira> we can house hop...
<Nams|Mira> we can go to darr's on birthdays and holidays
<Doc> lol
<Doc> Art for election days
<Nams|Mira> and the australians for vacations
<Doc> British for the crime sprees
<Doc> We can make this work :p
<Nams|Mira> best life ever
- +
#9 (10) [X]
<Merrick2> hooray, a non retarted keyboard
- +
#47 (10) [X]
<Garet> Doc
<Doc> mmm?
<Garet> it was good knowing you
<Garet> there's just some things people aren't supposed to know
* Garet locks his shutters so the VE Gestapo don't see him
- +
#586 (10) [X]
*Jager starts polishing his pope-hat
*Helena steals said pope-hat and puts it on, skipping around the room
<Helena> Haha! :p
<Helena> damn ;p
<Helena> :p*
<Jager> ...
<Jager> I use that hat as a toilet sometimes
<Helena> o_O
<Jager> or i could be lieing... but maybe i am not
* Helena is now known as Helena|Brb
*Jager takes his hat back off the stunned and disgusted helena
Comment: Any port in a storm,
- +
#128 (10) [X]
<Trigit> Rema guys don't giggle
<Rema> who says im a guy?
* Hashi blinks
* Hashi suddenly sees Rema in a whole new light
<Hashi> Heya Rema baby ;)
- +
#129 (10) [X]
<Ibram> thats nothing, you chould see what chewing cum can do to your ears
- +
#140 (10) [X]
<Darr-Rann> There's a girl I like at school, was unsure if I should actually do anything or not ><
<Rogueboy|Work> usually I wait until the bodies are cold before I do anything
<Rogueboy|Work> >.<
<Darr-Rann> O_o
<Saint> Looks good RB, no complexities
Comment: ><
- +
#155 (10) [X]
<Aeos> No, if I change my name AGAIN, then ppl might start to think I have an identity crisis
<Kairo> we already do..
<Kami> you do don't you? :p
<AwesomeGaret> Aeos, you're FAR past that
- +
#158 (10) [X]
<Garet> assaulting a commander... insubordination...
<Garet> and not loving Uma Thurman
- +
#492 (10) [X]
<Kand> Is it possible to short circuit him, if we all swore at once?
<Hunter> Lets do it
<Rogueboy|Work> ...
<Tomas> I dunno....let's all try!
<Tomas> 1!
<Tomas> 2!
<Tomas> 3!
<Tomas> go!
<Hayes_[Writing]> ASS
<KadBot> Hayes_[Writing], Please watch your language. Refer to the CoCs for this channel at http://www.vastempire.com/main.cfm?ref=coc. This is your first warning.
<Rogueboy|Work> lol
<Darr-Rann> lol
<Helena> Lol...
<Hayes_[Writing]> >.<
Comment: Silly Jeggles, Trix are for Kids
- +
#250 (10) [X]
<Saint> Jenny could make a buddhist monk commit murder
Comment: ....or commit suicide
- +
#15 (9) [X]
[12:12] <Kanderin_Draken> And by the way garet, I only found out today you were Decmemberist..
[12:12] <Darnamell> what? both of them are odd pedophiles, the connection should be obvious
- +
#294 (9) [X]
<Darr-Away> Do you know what?
<Darr-Away> Your mother in Pokemon
<Darr-Away> is a horribly negligent parent
<art|brb> lol
<Darr-Away> She's like
<Langolier> lol
<Darr-Away> "All kids have to leave some day."
<Darr-Away> "Go ahead and go travel the country on your own with little money and a starter pokemon."
[16:39:39] <Darr-Away> How old are you supposed to be in Pokemon?
<art|brb> 12?
<Darr-Away> Like, 14?
<Darr-Away> seriously
<art|brb> go underaged gambling :p
<Darr-Away> Child services would be after her so fast
<art|brb> doubtful
<Langolier> 12 I think
<art|brb> look at all the 12 year olds who go to raves or 14 year old girls with 22 year old boyfriends
<art|brb> there are many negligent parents
<Darr-Away> lol
<Darr-Away> So pokemon is just demonstrating a sad truth about today's society.
<Darr-Away> It's not about training collectable monsters - It's a reflection on how parents treat their children :P
Comment: VERPG - Because we have nothing better to do.
- +
#51 (9) [X]
<Rogue|Work> Riq I ever tell you you should see my shrink?
<Doc> I'll take it
<Rogue|Work> and I have no shrink anymore...dont check my trunk
<Doc> So there is a hidden meaning in me meeting the shrink...
* Rogue|Work shoots Riq and puts him in his trunk
- +
#63 (9) [X]
<Cosmic> "wanna get down on my knees and praise you Jesus - feel your salvation all over my face."
- +
#1416 (9) [X]
<Abalar> Heh, I was hooker once, before I lost weight.
- +
#484 (9) [X]
[14:44] * Doc[Writing] sets mode: +v Helena
[14:44] <+Helena> o.O
[14:44] <Kand|Gaming> Hey its only wars if you do said thing to more than one person....
[14:44] <RK> eh, to each his own.
[14:44] * Kand|Gaming gives RK a cookie
[14:44] * Kand|Gaming is now known as Kand
[14:44] * Doc[Writing] sets mode: +m
[14:44] <RK> why do I get the feeling doc is going to mute the channel
- +
#11 (8) [X]
<Tanus> Snipes, i hope you get cancer on your birthday
- +
#302 (8) [X]
<Langolier> not all of them ><:
<Langolier> -:
<Langolier> hmm
<Langolier> minus the colon is what I meant
<Langolier> Didn't mean to turn you on there Wicket
- +
#303 (8) [X]
<Snipeth> when did Wraith start getting all the kids with no brains
<Nams|Mira> when our spots filled up
- +
#70 (8) [X]
<Kairo|Writing> wait, you saying if you aren't a dick you don't get in, or that if you are a dick you don't get in?
<Merrick> if you're a dick you dont get in
<Kairo|Writing> that seems kind odd..
<Trevor> yeah kairo, you become a dick after getting in :P
<Kairo|Writing> oh
<Kairo|Writing> I see
<Kairo|Writing> thanks Trev

Comment: On joining the DJO
- +
#81 (8) [X]
<Talon> we're best known for an emergency blow
- +
#617 (8) [X]
<&Doc> Perhaps each come up with some sort of concept?
<&Doc> then compare
* &Aeos nods
<&Aeos> I'll try my hand with some 3d render?
<&Aeos> oh FUCK IT DOC
<&Aeos> ><
<&Aeos> damn you
<&Doc> I'm good ;)
* &Aeos bangs her head against the desk and starts mozilla up again
<&Aeos> Meh
<&Doc> If you want to hobble off to bed, feel free :p
<&Aeos> damn you, I cant
<&Doc> (I'm really good ;P)
- +

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