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#1 (42) [X]
Snipes: next one that asks us how to play i'm going to mess with.
Snipes: i'll think up some sort of sadistic web marathon for him to run in order to play the game
Kami: Hehe
Darr-Rann: heheheheh

* xXShiveRXx has joined #Vast_Empire
Darr-Rann: Hello
xXShiveRXx: 13yo guys
xXShiveRXx: how do i play the game
Darr-Rann: ...
Darr-Rann: LOL
DarkJedi: :P
Snipes: just a second
xXShiveRXx: i cant find out
xXShiveRXx: do i neeed to download a server?
Snipes: i said give me a minute
xXShiveRXx: ok
Snipes: i'm dredging up the instruction page.
DarkJedi: what are you playing?
xXShiveRXx: the game?
* Kami giggles madly
* DarkJedi stops
Snipes: oh god, no, no, no I lost my link file
xXShiveRXx: im playing vastempire...
Kami: :o
Darr-Rann: yikes
Kami: That's really bad
Angel: i found it snipes
xXShiveRXx: .......
Snipes: not the one i'm thinking of
Angel: http://www.imanoob.com
xXShiveRXx: has it bad
Kami: I'm gonna go play
* Kami is now known as Kami|PlayingVE
Darr-Rann: I'll join you Kami
Angel: me too
Darr-Rann: Meet you on Tadath?
Kami|PlayingVE: Sounds good
* Darr-Rann is now known as Darr-VE
* Angel is now known as Angel|PlayingVE
xXShiveRXx: omg
Angel|PlayingVE: I'm still on Lopen
Kami|PlayingVE: Just hop a shuttle
Angel|PlayingVE: it was destroyed by rebels
Angel|PlayingVE: I'm stuck
Kami|PlayingVE: Bastards...
Kami|PlayingVE: Oki, I'll pick you up
* DarkJedi has run out of ic's so cant get there
Angel|PlayingVE: can you do a rescue mission?
xXShiveRXx: how do i play............. im in the navy in stormtroopers so how do i play.....
Kami|PlayingVE: I don't know if I've got enough resources
Angel|PlayingVE: damn
Kami|PlayingVE: :(
Angel|PlayingVE: well i can try to send you some of mine
Darr-VE: I guess you'll have to wait angel
Angel|PlayingVE: but i used them all to build my death star
Angel|PlayingVE: which the damn rebels blew up too
Kami|PlayingVE: Yeah, that's not cool
Darr-VE: I'd fly my ship there and pick you up, but my pilot rank is too low
Kami|PlayingVE: They blew up mine as well :(
Angel|PlayingVE: :o
Kami|PlayingVE: I'm at rank six :D
Angel|PlayingVE: :.
Angel|PlayingVE: I was at rank 8
Angel|PlayingVE: but then i broke my leg
Kami|PlayingVE: Lies...
Angel|PlayingVE: now i'm rank 5
Kami|PlayingVE: No one reaches rank 8
Angel|PlayingVE: not a lie!
Snipes: i think i saw it once
Angel|PlayingVE: I grinded my piloting skill for days
Snipes: it was pretty cool
Angel|PlayingVE: then a bantha stepped on me
Angel|PlayingVE: :(
Darr-VE: I dunno, I've spent too much time working on my Blaster Fighting Rank
Angel|PlayingVE: ppft
Angel|PlayingVE: blasters are for noobs
Darr-VE: neglected my pilot rank
Angel|PlayingVE: I have lightsaber rank 20
Angel|PlayingVE: pwnt
Kami|PlayingVE: Doesn't being a dark jedi give you +5 piloting skill?
Snipes: probably how he got rank 8
Darr-VE: I'm too long of a combat level to start training in lightsaber
Angel|PlayingVE: only if you spec that way
Darr-VE: low*
Kami|PlayingVE: Ah, ok
Angel|PlayingVE: have to put points in the naval talent tree
Snipes: i've been grinding my drinking level for days and days, I can almost beat that gamorean in mos eisley.
Kami|PlayingVE: Wow :D
Angel|PlayingVE: yah he's a big pig
Angel|PlayingVE: my drinking level is no where near his
Snipes: yeah, but after geting my ship blown up by those pirates i've been stuck on tatooine.
Kami|PlayingVE: Omg...my corvette just malfunctioned
Darr-VE: hah
Angel|PlayingVE: that sucks
Angel|PlayingVE: first rebels
Angel|PlayingVE: now pirates
Snipes: yeah
Darr-VE: I'm the lowest pilot rank, and I'm the only one with a ship :)
Angel|PlayingVE: gah! not the corvette
Angel|PlayingVE: now im stranded
Kami|PlayingVE: I'm on Endor
Kami|PlayingVE: :(
Angel|PlayingVE: hah! ewoks gonna get you!
Darr-VE: Ewoks are weak
Angel|PlayingVE: they get +20 attack power versus Stormtroopers
Snipes: i got pwnd by ewoks
DarkJedi: i'm on tatooine i'll meat you at the cantina
Kami|PlayingVE: I'm gonna get pwned
Darr-VE: Good for training your weapon ranks though
xXShiveRXx: can some1 tell me how do i play
Snipes: alright, i'm still there
xXShiveRXx: waer do i go to play
Angel|PlayingVE: wait! theres a star destrotyer above Lopen
Kami|PlayingVE: My co pilot just got killed by a swarm of ewoks
Angel|PlayingVE: I'll force jump up to it and hijack it
DarkJedi: did i just put meat?
Darr-VE: yep
Kami|PlayingVE: Oki, then come get me please
Angel|PlayingVE: will do
xXShiveRXx: do i need igc?
Kami|PlayingVE: They're distracted at the moment...finishing off my co-pilot
Angel|PlayingVE: SOB
Angel|PlayingVE: the star destroyer is full of ewoks too!
Angel|PlayingVE: nooooo
Kami|PlayingVE: :o
Snipes: wow, glitch
Kami|PlayingVE: Oh noes
Angel|PlayingVE: hax!
Kami|PlayingVE: Major glitch
Darr-VE: yikes
Angel|PlayingVE: its ok..i jjust learned force-lightning rank 6
Arnaut: My ISD just dissappeared
Darr-VE: nice
Angel|PlayingVE: i'm pwning them
Angel|PlayingVE: fry little bears fry!
Arnaut: anyone have this glitch too?
Arnaut: wait, i found it
Snipes: it's been glitchy today
Kami|PlayingVE: I shouldn't have specced in cooking, my cream puff pie is doing shite against these ewoks
Arnaut: all my crew is dead now though
Angel|PlayingVE: sweet i just dinged level 60
* DarkJedi just lost 10.000 ic's playing cards
Darr-VE: yikes
* xXShiveRXx has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving )
Snipes: yeah, you'll always lose agains solo, don't even bother

Comment: Classic
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#4 (17) [X]
<Tomas> Im sitting off to the side chuckling until you say the next line
<Tomas> to which I give a face like I saw a ghost/swallowed a piece of come
<Tomas> err....
<Tomas> *gum
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#7 (32) [X]
<Tomas> but I do need a girlfriend
<Tomas> hey Saph, get my comnet message?
<Decem> ...
<Decem> awkward time to ask that Tom
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#8 (5) [X]
<Saph|Writing|> hehe
<Wicket> hoho
<Wicket> haha
<Wicket> huhu
<Wicket> hihi
* Wicket was kicked by Mad-Hatter (byebye)
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#9 (10) [X]
<Merrick2> hooray, a non retarted keyboard
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#10 (15) [X]
<arturus> Insubordinate dolt
<Garet> robotic cold commander
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#11 (8) [X]
<Tanus> Snipes, i hope you get cancer on your birthday
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#12 (25) [X]
<BigGreenDude> jailbait, tossing the salad, dropping the soap
<BigGreenDude> pick your analogy
<Wicket> ill toss the salad

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#13 (7) [X]
[16:54] <Truth> But college gives me the laps with the fun toys :D
[16:54] <Truth> erm
[16:54] <Truth> labs!
[16:54] <Truth> LABS!

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#14 (41) [X]
<Saint> Blow Me Kadbot
<KadBot> alrighty then
<Saint> Cha-Ching!
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