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#15 (9) [X]
[12:12] <Kanderin_Draken> And by the way garet, I only found out today you were Decmemberist..
[12:12] <Darnamell> what? both of them are odd pedophiles, the connection should be obvious
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#16 (4) [X]
[14:59] <Toks> my body tends to want to inhale anything that goes down my throat
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#22 (11) [X]
<Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop...
<Rakysh> DAndruff
<Finch> ... God, Jak
<Tibbs> ?
<Doc[Aroudish]> [13:13:17] <Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop... <-- I think that doesn't need answering
<Finch> [13:13] <Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop... <--- Something we don't need to know
<Tibbs> Oh...OH.
<Tibbs> LOL.
<Tibbs> I think its dried ice cream, lol.
<Finch> Yeahsure
<Doc[Aroudish]> riiiiight
* Tibbs sighs
<Rakysh> Its definitely something dried
<Finch> Definately not ice cream
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#23 (7) [X]
<Cosmic> drawing of these two gals making out. one's a devil of sorts
<Merrick> I am a roxor of sorts
<Cosmic> this may work for you
<Cosmic> because she looks like she's roxoring the other girl
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#24 (7) [X]
<Doc> This helps --> /ignore name
<Saph> that's beter
<Saph> thanks doc
<Rogueboy|Work> I already ignored him from before
<Gimp> Very cool Doc, Thanks
* Doc shrugs
<Saph> that was very annoying...
<Gimp> I wonder if he's still doing it?
* ricky was kicked by KadBot (ImpBot: Version 2.1.4: Channel Flood Protection - First Warning)
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#25 (12) [X]
<Rogueboy> well I do have internet...
<Toks> o.O
<Toks> that'll give you viruses
<Rogueboy> we call them online STDs
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#26 (4) [X]
<Wicket> http://msn.match.com/msn/article.aspx?articleid=8955&TrackingID=516311&BannerID=544657&menuid=6&GT1=10486
<Leon> ....
<Leon> how to kiss?
<Wicket> errr wrong one
<Wicket> http://msn.match.com/msn/article.aspx?articleid=8953
<Leon> and is thi written by lesbians?

Comment: I worry about that boy
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#27 (5) [X]
<Cosmic> also got tips on how to date a stripper.
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#28 (2) [X]
<Nams|Mira> tsk kadbot you know you love me
<KadBot> NI!
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#29 (20) [X]
* Trevor sticks his chest out, puts his index fingers near his nipples pointing outward and yells 'force lightning!'
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