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#40 (5) [X]
* Namyr_COH runs up and kick Doc in the junk
<Doc> I was starting to think you didn't care
<Namyr_COH> that's still for the TMI for the other day!
<Namyr_COH> now everytime I see you I get a disturbing picture of Christopher Lloyd in my head
<Namyr_COH> it burns
<Doc> Uh... you're welcome?
<Namyr_COH> ....I hate you
<Doc> welcome to the club, line starts over there
- +
#41 (12) [X]
<The_Wickster> the hills are alive with the sound of music
<Fury> the hills will be alive with the sounds of flogging if you don't stop being tone deaf
- +
#42 (3) [X]
<Namyr_COH> Jag all I have in my wallet is a naked picture of david hasselhoff
- +
#43 (3) [X]
<SGT_Rogueboy> vote Doc for president
<SGT_Rogueboy> watch him get assassinated
* Fury volunteers for the role of Lone Gunman
<SGT_Rogueboy> so for this RPG we have a Lone Gunman
<SGT_Rogueboy> a President
<SGT_Rogueboy> we need a President's Bodyguard
<SGT_Rogueboy> I will be the News Crew
<LCPL_Wicket> thats me!
<SGT_Rogueboy> and Raigen will be the Local Goat
<LCPL_Wicket> im the body guard
- +
#44 (4) [X]
<Yillis> i believe in MIRACLES!
<AnT|Sims2> believe in bad luck instead,.. they occured more often
- +
#45 (3) [X]
<AnT|Sims2> i'm a sinner, i know
<AnT|Sims2> but they have those cute plants now... so..cute
- +
#46 (7) [X]
<Tomas> lol
<Tomas> I miss girls :(
- +
#47 (10) [X]
<Garet> Doc
<Doc> mmm?
<Garet> it was good knowing you
<Garet> there's just some things people aren't supposed to know
* Garet locks his shutters so the VE Gestapo don't see him
- +
#48 (6) [X]
<Toks|Drawing> heck, I'm one of the giys
<Trevor> obviously, you can't spell, just like the rest of us
- +
#49 (2) [X]
<Rogueboy> Toki gets high off of life
<Rogueboy> she dont need anything else
<Doc> Except cookies
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