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#1571 (0) [X]
*Kadann pets kadbot
* KadBot gives Kadann a cookie
<Casca> XD
<Kadann> :)
<Casca> kadbot
<KadBot> ...
<Casca> ...
<Casca> i liked you better when you were handing out cookies
#1572 (0) [X]
<Fear> may i prsent to you
<Fear> Fear
<Fear> XD
* Fear bows
<Jeg> Fear would be a lot more intimdating if he could speak English.
<Jeg> intimidating, even.
<Jeg> Well, I lost that one.
<Jeg> Well played.
#1573 (0) [X]
* Casca raises an army in the south, Fury raises an army in the north
<@Fury> meet ya at dollywood!
<Val> Hell itself
<Casca> dollywood is only like 6 hours away from where i am
<Chesh> yep
<@Fury> oh, well, well call cincinatti then
<Casca> How bout an even mason dixon line
<Casca> OH OH
<@Fury> i would, but i'd like the good southern dr. pepper
<Casca> But afterwards, i want a contingiency plan that involves reincarnating Che Guavarra
Comment: Che!
#1574 (0) [X]
<Bacredi> Guys, I'm presenting my mod option for my ship
<Bacredi> I want eight hangar bays
<Bacredi> and a death star ray
<Rocket> hell ya
<@Driver> fine...all you have to do is agree to drop down to CRW, and become the ships's assboy to a ISD full of gay Trandoshans
<Bacredi> Deal.
<@Driver> oh, and you have to give the newly modded ship to Slasher
<Bacredi> Dammit. No.
<Bacredi> No deal.
<@Driver> hey, we said there'd be some give and take w/these mods
Comment: Gay Trandoshians LMFAO
#1575 (0) [X]
<J> Fee moniez for a noob plz?
<@Driver> riiight
<J> I need armorz
<Raigen> ?
* @Driver shows off his newly invented machine: a hat, w/a motor, attached to two articulating arms that facepalm him telepathically
[00:17] <J> LMFAO
#1576 (0) [X]
<Shrek> I haven't got my ops anymore
<Raigen> ...
<Ron> someone give the man some ops
* Raigen drops a platter of ops on the table "DIG IN BOYS!"
#1577 (0) [X]
* Drac|food is now known as Drac
<Drac> hmm...
* Drac looks around, curious why everyone stopped talking when he walked in
<Bacredi> ?A>D<A:L"? ?
* Driver silently puts a case of cocktail sauce on the table
* Maroy pokes Drac
<Jamasis> Imagining seafood
* Maroy orders calamari
* Drac walks back out...slowly...and without turning around
* Driver also puts up a case of tartar sauce and some fresh lemon wedges
* Maroy sneaks up behind Drac
* Fear stuffs Drac into the freezer
<Driver> white wine anyone?
* Drac hops out of the freezer and makes a break for it
* Maroy will take two
<Maroy> :P
* Fear tosses everyone a rifle
<Fear> we're going hunting
<Fear> for fish...
<Maroy> Deep-sea fishing? :D
<Drac> wabbits are that way --->
<Drac> they're much tastier
<@Havock> go navy
<Jamasis> You can't hunt fish with guns and explosives! Its not fair
<@Fury> um, mon cals build space ships
<@Fury> it's totally fair
* Maroy pulls out ship-mounted fishing rod
<Jamasis> ... still a fish
<Maroy> Going Deep-Space fishing
<Drac> O_o
* Drac hides behind Jamasis
* Fear pre-heats the oven
<Jamasis> Damn...
* Jamasis is caught by fishing rod
* Fear shoots Jamasis
* Havock is now known as HavReading
<Maroy> Hey, this isn't a fish...
<Fear> damn
<Jamasis> Thanks for noticing...
* Fear reloads
* Jamasis is dead
* Drac quiety slips out while everyone eats Jamasis
* Fear sees Drac slip sliding away
<Fear> he's thataway!
* Drac runs
* Maroy casts fishing rod
* Drac dodges
* Maroy misses
* Maroy loads up harpoon
<Jeg> The drinking has commenced
* Drac dives for cover
<Jamasis> Drinking?
* Drac hides behind Jeg's alchohol
* Maroy gets bored and shoots random Quarren
<Maroy> Close enough
<Drac> whew. safe
* Fear gets into his personal World Devastator
<Jeg> If you ruin my alcohol, I will end you.
<Drac> talk to them. i won't touch it
* Drac gives himself up
* Fear fires his turbolasers at Drac, carefully avoiding Jeg's alcohol
<Fear> Whoops
* Drac fries
* Drac is a crispy critter
* Fear gives the fried Drac to Driver
<Jamasis> Yummeh!
<Fear> bon appetit
<Drac> Warning: Consumption of Mon Calamari may cause severe food poisoning and attacks of conscious
<@Fury> conscious? it'll keep you awake?
<@Fury> screw that
#1578 (0) [X]
<Sam> man I really want to play starcraft, but no I have to read this stupid paper on ubiquitous transport-level encryption. :(
<@Rizzit> lol
* Ron poofs as the angel on Sam's shoulder
<Ron> "I really want to tell you to read that paper but... got to agree with the bad guy on this one."
#1579 (0) [X]
@Stormz huggles kadbot
@KadBot purrs at Stormz
<@Driver> Kadbot is a punk sellout that likes furry getdowns
<@KadBot> ...
<@Driver> yah...can't handle the truth
<@Driver> mhmm
Comment: kadbot, down w/the beasties
#1580 (0) [X]
<KadBot> boolean isA_n00b(Njall) return true;
<Njall> boolean isA_n00b(Kadbot) return true;
<KadBot> alrighty then

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