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#1581 (0) [X]
scout: Tal only takes virgin sacrifices, anyway
Verk: Oh
scout: then again, it's a starwars rp channel, how hard are those to find...
#1582 (0) [X]
<Beta> One day, after years of searching, scientists will find the Star Wars galaxy
<Havock> and listen to a great Jizz Wailer XD
#1583 (0) [X]
Beta: [14:21] <&Rogueboy> I like wrenches
Val: I believe he may have been trying to say wenches
#1584 (0) [X]
<Joamer> I'm sorta naked and wet right now
#1585 (0) [X]
<Val> Beta, stop being a Beta
* Beta is now known as Alpha
<Alpha> fine
#1586 (0) [X]
<Jeg> And I can do however many squads you need me to do Raz
Comment: slag
#1587 (0) [X]
<@Joamer> poor thing, it's old and worn out
<@Joamer> Or maybe I've just not used it in like 4 years
<@Joamer> That could be the issue
<Beta> That's what she said
#1588 (0) [X]
<Lightray> time for a bowl of cocoa pebbles.
<Beta_Out> time for a bowl of MY FOOT UP YOUR ASS!
#1589 (0) [X]
<Lightray> Me and Garryll really went at it last night, though.
#1590 (0) [X]
<Driver> you know you haven't filled out your 'requisition to kill a member' form yet
<%Havock> o.O
<Thengil> Stormz tried to kill me, virtually, using KB. No worries
<Thengil> he didn't fill out the form
] * Driver hands Stormz the fully filled out form
] <Driver> just sign
* Stormz signs
* Thengil ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: VE Rules!)

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