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#565 (2) [X]
<Ae_off> My hungerstrike shall commence after breakfast
- +
#131 (4) [X]
* Ae pounces on Cocmis
- +
#1401 (3) [X]
<scout> hi guise
<Jeg> I don't believe you
* scout isn't here, then
<Jeg> Exactly
<Rizzit> nice
<Rizzit> so to get rid of him
<Rizzit> i just have to not believe him?
<Rizzit> awesome
* Jeg not-believes Rizzit
<Rizzit> I don't believe you either.
<Jeg> Well screw you
- +
#476 (1) [X]
* Jager winks suggestivly at Tibbs, whilst subtlely lifting his skirt up
- +
#84 (3) [X]
<Shiyun> give it to me baby.
* Shiyun drools
<Shiyun> yeah I just wanna stick that piece of meat in my mouth and ohhhh.
- +
#162 (1) [X]
<C-3PX2|> Rouge has a kid in his bed ?
<Rogueboy> ^_-
<Dionysus> oh it's the Rizzal
<Rogueboy> thats naught for him to know and the police
- +
#633 (4) [X]
* Doc force tickles RK before causing the tickling sensation to go under the skin and rip apart arteries :p
<Doc> He died with a smile on his face :D
- +
#403 (2) [X]
<Verk> Silly big balls on the side of the ships
Comment: I sence disturbance in you young padawan..
- +
#436 (0) [X]
<Chesh> oh my god... please tell me that's not Wicket.
<Tomas> lol
<Doc> That is Wicket
<Chesh> NEVER.... EVER following links from this channel again.
<Wicket> oh boo
<Nams|Mira> you just learned that?
- +
#1504 (2) [X]
<Raziel> he slipped in the back way
<Raziel> as ever
<D-13> some secret HC entrance?
<arturus> must be :P
<Raziel> you could call it that
<Raziel> a lot of the HC use it...
- +

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