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#529 (6) [X]
<Dante> Who goes there?
<Jager> Tis Jager good sir,
<Dante> Jager?
<Dante> As foul a miscreant as walks the earth!
<Dante> Lay on Jager, and damned be he who cries hold.
<Jager> Indeed... but after I lobeth carcases over thy walls, Ye'll be ruing the day you cross such a man
<Dante> Is that so?
<Dante> At thee!
* Dante lunges with a ridiculously oversized sword.
<Jager> Bah, Ye be nay a match for one such as I
* Jager pulls out a tuning fork
<Jager> I'll Fork you good Sir
<Dante> Hyaaa!!!
* Dante pulls out a katana as well
<Dante> Everything better with katanas!
* Jager Smacks dante with his tuning fork,
* Dante slices at him with katana and broadsword
* Dante puts Duel of the Fates on.
<Jager> ...yet ye have forgot the prime rule of katana's
<Dante> they look badass?
<Jager> They be no match for the awesome power of my full operational battle station
<Dante> bah
<Dante> is it farmboy proof?
<Jager> I'd Hopeth so,
<Dante> good sir
<Jager> It seems thou has walketed right into my trap
<Dante> you doth underestimate
<Jager> For it was a trap
<Dante> the power of sucicidal insanity
<Jager> and Dukes of hazard-esk Calls,
<Dante> False knight, I doth not respect
<Dante> your trapeth
<Jager> But i have expected much, for i have called away for chinese food
<Dante> for thou hasn't not the writer
<Dante> as I do.
<Dante> write up a retcon, Lucas!
<Jager> But Thou ist laying with the writer's better half
<Dante> in our joint defense
<Dante> so I slice first
<Dante> hyaaa!
<Jager> oh, I've been slayeth..ed
<Dante> soeth perish Jager!
<Jager> Ye hardly knew me
<Dante> I knew ye well, liar
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#1146 (1) [X]
* Angel ([email protected]) has joined #vast_empire
* ChanServ sets mode +h Angel
* Kiption sets mode -h Angel
<DR> lol
<Bacredi> lol
<DR> again, he Kiption can do stuff like that because he feels like it.
* Angel ([email protected]) has left #vast_empire
* Angel ([email protected]) has joined #vast_empire
* ChanServ sets mode +h Angel
<Kiption> gonna tell Kand?
<Bacredi> Meh... Angel you hear that thunder just now?
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#481 (7) [X]
<Stormz|work> i know where you can D/L firefox for free...legally
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#1465 (2) [X]
<Hunter> The main one is in the living room meaning it gets used by everybody that sees it (much like your mom :p )
<Doc> That kinda failed
<Hunter> The other one is in my mom's room and she is always on it looking for jobs and stuff
* Hunter shrugs
<Hunter> Figured I'd give it a shot
<Hunter> If it failed, its from lack of practice
<Doc> That explains what she said last night
<Hunter> And then the Ubuntu one is in my room and nobody but me touches it
<Hunter> Dammit
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#499 (1) [X]
<Tanus> watch the movie damnit
<Doc> Maybe after D*Con
<Tanus> ...
<Doc> Sorry, but metal bikini clad chicks and star wars collectors items, mixed with Stargate events, some trekkies, Writing workshops, comics, autograph signings, and metal bikini chicks wins over a simple movie
<Doc> See the logic?
<Tanus> yeah
<Tanus> you're still not getting laid

Comment: :/
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#403 (2) [X]
<Verk> Silly big balls on the side of the ships
Comment: I sence disturbance in you young padawan..
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#763 (2) [X]
<Kand> Your mom jokes are only funny if used by DJO members, cause they can twist them with the force
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#1552 (2) [X]
<RazielMob> Back to sleep
* RazielMob snores
<Decem> oooh
<Kami> take advantage of him!
<Kami> hurry!
* Havvie grabs the permenant marker
<Kami> Oh, right, marker
* Kami pulls her pants back up
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#474 (2) [X]
* ricky blows the asteroid
<Glaug-Eldare> powerful lungs
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#22 (11) [X]
<Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop...
<Rakysh> DAndruff
<Finch> ... God, Jak
<Tibbs> ?
<Doc[Aroudish]> [13:13:17] <Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop... <-- I think that doesn't need answering
<Finch> [13:13] <Tibbs> Hmmmm...whats this white stuff on my laptop... <--- Something we don't need to know
<Tibbs> Oh...OH.
<Tibbs> LOL.
<Tibbs> I think its dried ice cream, lol.
<Finch> Yeahsure
<Doc[Aroudish]> riiiiight
* Tibbs sighs
<Rakysh> Its definitely something dried
<Finch> Definately not ice cream
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