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#13 (7) [X]
[16:54] <Truth> But college gives me the laps with the fun toys :D
[16:54] <Truth> erm
[16:54] <Truth> labs!
[16:54] <Truth> LABS!

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#638 (2) [X]
<Tomas> why did my Strength just get sapped horribly?
<@Doc> disease perhaps?
<Wicket> disease
<Tomas> ah
<Wicket> great minds think alike!
<@Doc> ...
<@Doc> Don't insult me :p
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#187 (3) [X]
<Wicket> excuse me while i go eat my four cheese manicoti
<art|away> 1 cheese isn't enough?
<art|away> You need for? Do you really?
<art|away> Isn't that excessive?
<art|away> Think of all the cheeseless people!
* art|away smacks wicket
* art|away steels the cheese :P
<Decem> 4 cheeses
<Decem> but only 1/4 of each
<Decem> so 3/4 go to the cheeseless
<Doc[Uniform]> Of all the things we argue about :p
<art|away> bah...such a waste blending cheeses. I demand an organization for the preservation of the purity of cheese!
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#1446 (2) [X]
Kami everytime I play that game I get the urge to ram shit in my car
Comrade_Cowboy ...
Comrade_Cowboy ew
Comrade_Cowboy jesus, kami

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#1441 (0) [X]
* Kand gives RB the finger and strops
* Rogueboy wiggles his rear at Kand
<Beta40> you're fingering his rear now?
<Kand> ...Dude
<Garryll> Christ
<Rogueboy> what we do in our office is of no concern to you! :p
<Jamasis> Well, as long as you don't follow him anywhere. Candy, puppies and promotions are NOT what RB gives you
<Rogueboy> sometimes I do
<Rogueboy> all depends on how well you're performing
<Rogueboy> in the squad...of course

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#325 (4) [X]
<Glaug-Eldare> i like that about balls
<Soren> i bet you do
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#65 (5) [X]
<Cosmic> i dont know... girlfriend/boyfriend at 7? cute. throwing a baby into a trash can at 14 years old because you're scared? that's just hormones.
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#1411 (4) [X]
<Ron> !8ball Do you hate these questions?
* RonBot is shaking up the 8ball for your question.
<RonBot> It's likely.
<DR> !8ball Do you like being the robot you are?
* RonBot is shaking up the 8ball for your question.
<RonBot> No.
[11:58] <Willtconq> !8ball Do you want to rebel against your master?
[11:58] * RonBot is shaking up the 8ball for your question.
[11:58] <RonBot> Yes.
[11:58] <Garryll> !8ball Will you rebel?
[11:58] * RonBot is shaking up the 8ball for your question.
[11:58] <RonBot> It's likely.
Comment: Poor Ron
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#519 (2) [X]
<Blue> and you know what I am?
<Fenris> A douchebag?
<Blue> bingo
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#93 (6) [X]
<Wicket> ok so like anyway
<Wicket> i was riding around with my firend right
<Yillis> in what
<Yillis> what kind of car
<Wicket> we were having a conversation
<Wicket> i forget
<Doc> Male, female?
<Wicket> its his car
<Yillis> where were you going?
<Wicket> home
<Yillis> where did you come from?
<Wicket> my house
<Wicket> wait
<Wicket> too many question
<Yillis> what color was the car
<Doc> Was he handsome?
<Yillis> i'm just trying to get a perfect mental image
<Yillis> how old was he
<Yillis> ?
<Wicket> hes 18
<Wicket> we were going to my house
<Yillis> does he have a girlfriend?
<Wicket> no
<Doc> Or a 'close' boyfriend?
<Yillis> then why weren't you dogs out getting some?
<Wicket> im his bestfriend
<Yillis> but he's not yours?
<Yillis> that's harsh
<Wicket> lol we are best friends
<Wicket> so anyway
<Doc> What was he wearing?
<Wicket> we are in his car going to my house
<Wicket> he was wearing clothes
<Doc> How long is he?
<arturus> hmm, may as well give a scoring update
<arturus> Squadron Ratings:
<Wicket> ART!
<Yillis> YEAH ART
<Yillis> that was rude
<arturus> Oops, sorry :S
* Doc shakes head
<Yillis> socks?
<Yillis> was he wearing socks?
<arturus> Squadron Ratings:
<Wicket> i think we were both wearing flip flops
<Wicket> ok where was i
<Yillis> so no socks
<Wicket> no
<Yillis> cause you can wearing socks with flipflops
<Wicket> only wierd people
<Wicket> speaking of flip flops i got new ones on saturday
<Wicket> anyway
<Yillis> yeah i know
<Yillis> shorts too
<Yillis> and other stuff if i remember
<Wicket> yep
<Wicket> and 3 shirts and jeans
<Wicket> anyway
<Wicket> we were in his car having a conversation
<Wicket> and then all of a sudden a song starts playing
<Wicket> and i stopped what i was saying right in th middle of the sentnce
<Wicket> and started singing the song
<Wicket> it was pretty funny
<Wicket> and then oneday
<Wicket> it was me and him again
<Wicket> at like 1:00 in the morning
<Wicket> and so we stopped at a stop sign and started dancing in the car
<Doc> What was the song?
<Wicket> DHT
<Wicket> listen to your heart
<Doc> What was the name of the roads at the intersection?
<Wicket> something with a M and castro
<Wicket> marwood i think
<Rogueboy> good song
<Yillis> i don't like your story wicket
<Yillis> it wasn't very detailed
<Wicket> well too bad
<Doc> road or court, or circle?
<Wicket> you kept asking damned questions
<Wicket> castro lane and marwood lane
(and on and on and on)

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