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#129 (10) [X]
<Ibram> thats nothing, you chould see what chewing cum can do to your ears
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#1422 (0) [X]
<Liquid> ...and now Angel has a woman
<Liquid> jesus h christ
<Liquid> wtf has happened here?
<Liquid> the navy's in an uproar
<Arturo> ..you left
<Liquid> the army is wierd
<@Angel> pppft, I've had girls for a long time :P
<Liquid> i'm sure the DJO is just fscked
<&Rizzit> what DJO?
<Arturo> lol
<Liquid> oh shush angel, you and I both know you weren't getting any strange ;)
<Glaug-Eldare> the dark jedi order
<RyRy> DJO, what's that stand for?
<Liquid> ......
<Abalar> Dark Jedi Order?
<Liquid> fsck me
<@Angel> Considering I'm DLoS and our Headmaster and DLoK are both MIA
<@Angel> and Tal is lost in L4D2 24/7
<Liquid> .
<Liquid> .
<Liquid> .
<Liquid> .
* &Rizzit escorts out back to "fsck"
<@Angel> Yeah...."what DJO" is pretty much accurate.
<&Rizzit> Liquid, DR will be waiting for you with a blindfold on
Comment: Welcome back, Liquid.
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#1455 (1) [X]
<%Sam> You have been ousted
<Ron> and surgically altered
<@Rogueboy> with a prosthetic third guy
<@Rogueboy> eye*
<@Rogueboy> wow...
<Hunter> . . .
<%Sam> ...
<Doc> I prefer the third guy
<Willtconq> when did you get the second?
<%Sam> Must have gotten it from rogueboy.com
<Doc> Wouldn't you like to know ;)
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#1117 (0) [X]
* ricky ([email protected]) has joined #vast_empire
<ricky> i just got world of warcraft
<Hunter> ...
<Hunter> Oh god
* Hunter runs out of the room
<ricky> what
* ricky grabs him
<ricky> not so fast
* ricky hits hunter with baseball bat -10 HP
-> *DM* #vast_empire HELP ME!!!
-> *`OD* #vast_empire HELP ME!!!
* ricky punches hunter, critical hit, knocking hunter out,-12 HP
* Hunter breaks free and hides behind Zesh
<Hunter> Take him in my place.
* Hunter pushes Zesh forward
<ricky> you are knocked out, and cannot move
<Hunter> Only in your mind...
<Hunter> Sic him Zesh.
<Hunter> Go!!!
* Hunter runs as Zesh pounces on rickey
<Hunter> *ricky
* ricky ties hunter up with liquid metal rope which becomes solid in 1 second
<ricky> there
* Hunter gets out of the rope before it becomes solid
* Hunter throws the solid rope at ricky and runs
<ricky> your tied up
<Hunter> I got out of it before it became solid.
<Hunter> I'm good like that.
* ricky pins hunters eyes back and forces him to watch paint dry for 24 hours
<ricky> HA
* Hunter falls asleep with his eyes open
* Tomas ([email protected]) has joined #vast_empire
* Hunter breaks free and runs away
<Hunter> TOMAS!!!
<Hunter> HELP ME!!!
* Tomas isn't here at the moment, please leave a message after the beep
* ricky laughs and gets out a ak 47, but falls to the ground, knocked out
<Hunter> NOOO!!!
* ricky is now known as ricky_aware
* ricky_aware wakes up
* Hunter is now known as The_Hunter
<ricky_aware> wha-
* The_Hunter hunts ricky
* The_Hunter shoots ricky in the heart
<ricky_aware> sorry if i did something in my sleep
<The_Hunter> Ewww...
* ricky_aware is still behind the force field
* The_Hunter throws ricky a towel, "Wipe all that white stuff away..."
* ricky_aware watches as the towel is vaporized by the forcefield
* ricky_aware whistles as he gets a bottle of wine and drinks
<ricky_aware> phew
* The_Hunter laughs as the forcefield shortcircuits and blows up, killing ricky
* ricky_aware watches as the firework that was projected infront of him explodes
<The_Hunter> Apparantly, because you didn't wipe up, your... uh... white stuff... dripped onto the forcefield generator and blew it up...
* The_Hunter shoots ricky
<ricky_aware> pretty good firework video, eh?
<The_Hunter> Bam.
<The_Hunter> You're dead.
<The_Hunter> All in a days work.
* The_Hunter is now known as Hunter
<Hunter> The hunt is over and I win again.
* Eviscares ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
<Hunter> Hmmm...
<Hunter> I may of missed...
* Hunter laughs as he realizes the bullet went through rickys head and into Maze
<Hunter> Two birds with one stone.
<Hunter> ...
* ricky_aware turns on the vacuum to suck the dead clone up and put another one there
<ricky_aware> these clones are useful
<ricky_aware> to use as cannon fodder
* Hunter wonders how ricky got enough money to create a clone and then remembers ricky's "job"
<ricky_aware> that "job" is the cloning inc. job
<ricky_aware> Cloning Inc (TM)
<Hunter> That job requires you to go to the bank to change out the ones into bigger bills...
<Hunter> Hmmm...
<ricky_aware> the robot is doing that
<Hunter> Of course it is.
* Hunter pats ricky on the head
<Hunter> Now run along so daddy can get back to work.
* ricky_aware goes back to the cloning tubes
<ricky_aware> activate cloing
<ricky_aware> *cloning
* ricky_aware puts the hair sample in
<Hunter> I'm a little disturbed by the fact nobody but us two are saying anything.
* Hunter runs away before he gets raped
* ricky_aware pours in cloning liquid
* ricky_aware presses clone button
* ricky_aware gets a wine bottle and opens it then drinks
<ricky_aware> robot, go press the close and lock door
* ricky_aware watches and hunter crashes into the door that is locked, and closed
<ricky_aware> *as
<ricky_aware> we are all stuck, eh
<Hunter> I'm debating on whether to do the /ignore command.
<ricky_aware> note the bot is carrying beverages and food
<Hunter> My nice guy side says no while my normal side says yes...
* Jeg ([email protected]) has joined #vast_empire
* ricky_aware orders bot to give everyone food and drinks
<Hunter> heh
<Hunter> Theres you a victim ricky.
<ricky_aware> they are not poisoned
<Hunter> Go get him.
<Hunter> I wonder which side will win out...
<Hunter> Nice guy or my normal side...
<Jeg> I sincerely hope you're not talking about me.
* ricky_aware grabs some jawa juice
<Hunter> Nope.
* ricky_aware drinks
<Hunter> I'm talking about that guy over there.
* Hunter points in a random direction
* Added ricky_aware!*@* to ignore list
<Hunter> Bam
<Hunter> Looks like my normal side won out.
Comment: heh
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#120 (8) [X]
<arturus> i cant get in
<g5> tell her to spread her legs more
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#169 (2) [X]
<Lamel_Evas> heh he might be like me but he is not stupid!

Comment: the irony
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#646 (5) [X]
* Doc sexes Kadbot from behind
* &KadBot watches as credits start to disappear from Doc's bank account
<Doc> ... You didn't tell me you charged!
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#164 (11) [X]
<Alater> our mom is tasty
<Rogueboy|Class> ...
<Alater> *your
<Wicket> you guys have the same mom?!
<Orobos> lol
<Wicket> and you know what she tastes like?!
<Alater> Wow, being dissed by Wicket is like watching an idiot fall down the stairs, not all that funny but the concept wants to make you laugh anyway
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#262 (4) [X]
<@Merrick> where's chuck norris when you need him
<Saint> Boning bulls in texas.
<Saint> The worst part is that he -knows- they're bulls.
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#54 (7) [X]
<Jericho> is the giantess attractive?
<Constantine> I'm guessing no gio ;)
<GM> I don't think you would have the right size ;)
<Jericho> i beg to differ
<GM> lol
<Jericho> it provides me with +3 AC it's so big

Comment: Little does he realize it is the halflings that get the size bonus
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