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#447 (0) [X]
<Joamer> Am I one of your minions or someone you just kill multiple times a day?
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#203 (1) [X]
<Wicket> did i pass my dumbness roll?
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#571 (3) [X]
* You were kicked by DM (Bot!)
* Attempting to rejoin channel #VERPG
* Rejoined channel #VERPG
* Topic is ' || Elder Scrolls Campaign: Year: 3E 427 || lvl 3 Chars 25 pointbuy 4E WAY|| Added Skill: Oblivion (WIS)||Registration open for Stargate: Legacy - Make level 6 characters (28 point buy, 3.5 style) || Darr.. lonely? -> http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=wmRSuYIL1zc ||*Stabs Doc in the Neck*'
* Set by DM on Fri Aug 29 04:49:46
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Doc
<~DM> damn it, typo
* You were kicked by DM (Allow me to correct my spelling, boot!*)
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#201 (5) [X]
<Riqqi-Tikki-Tavi> rogueboy.com ... scary
<Riqqi-Tikki-Tavi> Avoid it
<Rogueboy> LOL
<Rogueboy> I had no idea
<C-3PX2|> ...
<Riqqi-Tikki-Tavi> Ya tomas, his callsign makes perfect sense now
<Tomas> lol
<Tomas> I'm curious.....
<Rogueboy> I'm officially proud I took this name >.>
<Riqqi-Tikki-Tavi> Feel free Tomas, just don't do it on a work computer
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#551 (1) [X]
<Wicket> i loooved high school
<Blue> I loved high school for different reasons that Wicket - the girls
<Hunter> He liked being in the showers...
<RK> I do to.. but it's not like they notice me....
<Hunter> ...
<Wicket> we had nice showers
Comment: Ooookkkk....
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#439 (1) [X]
<Wicket> insult me for 45 more minutes then i will be gone to watch legally blonde the musical
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#534 (2) [X]
* Maze ([email protected]) has left #Vast_Empire
<Stormz> hey Maze
<Decem> wow you're stupid
* @Merrick chuckles
<Hunter> Heh...
* Decem pats Stormz on the head
<Hunter> Check the part where it say "Maze has left #Vast_Empire" with the keyword being left.
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#630 (0) [X]
<Doc> "Mother Hen" [MH] - This medal is awarded to those troopers that overlook the younger generation.
<Doc> *oversee?
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#1434 (1) [X]
<Verk> Kinda wish I was back at college without having to do the college
<Havock> don't we all verk
<Rogueboy> I dont?
<%Kand> If you do something every day for ten, fifteen years, its natural to get bored of it
<Verk> Yea... I'd be able to have sex again =/
<Verk> Yea tell me about it...
* Verk looks at his hand
* SiriSu ([email protected]) has left #vast_empire
<%Kand> ...
<Rogueboy> LOL
<%Kand> Im not taking part in this conversation anymore
<Verk> =]
Comment: My hand feels a bit sore for some reason...
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#451 (3) [X]
<FlyingSpaghettiMonster> I think we should perform a channel abortion
<FlyingSpaghettiMonster> there's an unwanted fetus of idiocy in here
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