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#1122 (1) [X]
<<Bacredi>> And apprently, this one recruit likes Jizz
* <Comrade> facepalms
<<Comrade>> which one?
<Bacredi> one sec
<Bacredi> let me get link
<Hunter> ...
<Comrade> a nice can of Jizz is just what I need sometimes
<Hunter> Wtf is Jizz?
<Bacredi> ........
<Bacredi> ......
<Bacredi> ..................
<Bacredi> .........
<Bacredi> ........
<Comrade> Cant go a day without some lovely jizz
<Bacredi> http://comnet.imperialnetwork.com/topic/10725/
<Hunter> >.<
<Bacredi> google it
<Comrade> google it <Hunter>
<Hunter> Meh
<Comrade> oh god, fuck thats funny
<Hunter> I don't really care.
<Bacredi> google it
<Bacredi> heh heh
<Comrade> She likes: jizz, She dislikes: other TwiLek females
<Bacredi> ironic
<Comrade> yet practical
<Bacredi> and the funny thing is
<Bacredi> that guy in Rl is a dude
<Comrade> jennhe..

*Bacredi's PM*
<Bacredi> http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=Jizz
<Hunter> I googled it...
<Bacredi> LOL
<Hunter> ...
<Hunter> Idiots...
<Bacredi> Hehe
<Hunter> My mom come walking up to the comp right as I hit the search button...

*Jager's PM*
<Hunter> Shutup.
<Hunter> Just shutup.
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#56 (3) [X]
<Liquid> *makes cock sucking motions*
<Liquid> I can do that!

- +
#206 (-1) [X]
<Max> i tipped my bottle and it vibrated for about three minutes
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#1236 (3) [X]
<Doc> using a ship namer and I come up with "The Traitor Jesus" ... too bad we're in the Star Wars universe, else I'd totally use it
<@Dionysus> lol
<Doc> I must buy a ship now to use it
<Doc> And move near water
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#100 (2) [X]
<Leon> Wait wait wait....
<Leon> Before anything else goes on
<Leon> I needa have a well needed Leon moment
<Leon> I am prooud to announce I took my first shower today at school at approximately 6:55
<Leon> And i feel frikin amazing.
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#1408 (6) [X]
<Ron> heh, i used to be a big cubs fan
<Ron> then f'n sammy broke his damned bat
<Jaenna> Ew.
<Jaenna> Football
<Jaenna> Hatehatehate
<Ron> ...
<Sic> ...
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#1488 (0) [X]
<Rocket> fireflys the shit
<Hunter|Firefly> Mhm
<Hunter|Firefly> Unless you were meaning that in a derogatory way
<Hunter|Firefly> In which case you will undoubtedly get a swift kick/ban
<Hunter|Firefly> Because I don't play when it comes to Firefly -_-
- +
#315 (0) [X]
Ann|Chess gently tugs Darr away from the poke activity
<Alater> Hell never pulls me away from anything...
<Ann|Chess> heh, because you dont have anything to pull from-_-
<Darr-Rann> dont worry. It's only because god hates you.
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#1476 (2) [X]
* Driver shakes Wicket violently
<Hunter> Despicable Me?
<Hunter> . . .
<Hunter> Er
* Hunter hands Driver some glasses
<Hunter> Wicket isn't on O.O
Comment: We can get him a cane for Christmas :D
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#1470 (2) [X]
<Drex> ......I'm of to buy em now XD bak in a bit XD
<Atoll> Send me some money!
<Atoll> But not some scottish money
<Atoll> Thats useless
<Drex> Then you get no moneh!!!!!!!!
<Atoll> Seriously though, have you ever tried to buy something in England with scottish money?
<Atoll> You'd swear to God you'd tried to buy something with a dead baby
<Atoll> ...No offence
<Atoll> I didn't mean it!
<Atoll> Forgive me!
*** Drex ([email protected]) Quit (Quit:)
<Atoll> He didn't forgive me
<~Havock> bummer
<~Havock> he's so coming back with a claymore to william wallace your ass
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