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#280 (3) [X]
<Merrick> I was right under them when they did it =D
<Merrick> they both roared right over my head
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#188 (3) [X]
<FMJR|Roster> and what does <3 mean Lamel?
<Doc[Code]> It's a heart
<Doc[Code]> <3
<Doc[Code]> turn your head to the right :p
<FMJR|Roster> I actually thought it was like code to... Uh... Flash someone
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#496 (1) [X]
<Rogueboy|Work> but now your willing to go to Mc Ds?
<~Doc> Well...
<~Doc> almost
<~Doc> I have some shred of dignity still left
<~Doc> But I'd prostitute myself before flipping burgers
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#282 (2) [X]
<arturus> is there another rebel barracks or hanger or something
<arturus> another base
<Rizzit> no, just the one super-base
<arturus> so we taking over a hanger in there or a smaller one outside the main base
<Rizzit> Cos? u wanna help me on that?
<Cosmic> art, it's a big-ass fortress.
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#57 (13) [X]

<Riel_Fury> I actually go to dealerships after they close for the night and masturbate on windshields
<Merrick> you masturbate all the time Riel
<Riel_Fury> true... but I go out of the way to do it on windshields
<Riel_Fury> that's why it's worth noting
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#495 (-2) [X]
12:05] <Driver> normally wick the C.Dion would only be life in prison, but the nuthugger shorts in your fb pix pushes it up to a capital offense
[12:05] <Fabio> man those shorts were amazing
[12:06] <Tanus> hadouken
[12:06] <Fabio> they had words on the booty
[12:06] <Tanus> street fighter, nub
[12:06] <Famfest> okay......
[12:06] <Driver> really?
[12:06] <Tanus> as long as it wasn't 'Pink'
[12:06] <Famfest> lol
[12:06] <Fabio> yes really
[12:06] <Driver> it was 'Enter'
[12:07] <Fabio> i forget
[12:07] <Famfest> it probably said "the 19th Hole
[12:07] <Fabio> i think it said sexy
[12:07] <Glaug-Eldare> aids
[12:07] <Driver> oh, that's hetero
Comment: Damn, I was two off par
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#300 (3) [X]
* Juror_Gimp throws his cum and rum at Wicket
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#1238 (1) [X]
<%Dionysus> Tal used to give me a wrath of shit for tryping like crap while actively staring at the keyboard.
<%Dionysus> He'd out-type me one handed, frequently.
<Doc> kinkeh
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#1501 (0) [X]
<Fury> wait, you know what we could use?
<arturus> well...i suck at some math
<Fury> canada's mathematical genius
<Raziel> Brian Adams!!!

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#108 (2) [X]
<QMED-Eldare> my crotch has always reminded me of richard nixon
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