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#526 (2) [X]
<Verkur> And now my mouth feels wierd
<Tibbs|Schweet> Thats what she said.
<Verkur> I was hungry
<Tibbs|Schweet> Thats what she said.
<Verkur> Yay my mouth is making saliva again
<Trevor> that's what she said
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#1373 (1) [X]
[Joamer] I'm the good one.
[Havock] you stole my underwear
[Joamer] You ordered me to wear them.
[Havock] that was monday, i'm talking about last night
[Joamer] Oh, that pair.
[Joamer] Umm
• Havock taps her foot
[Joamer] They are very comfortable
[Havock] i knows
[Joamer] Hey wait a minute.
[Joamer] I bought them for you!
[Kestrel] o_O
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#1371 (5) [X]
<Driver> funny, hmmm we've got Jizzit who chronicly deposits on everyone...no gf. then there's our resident ray of sunshine Jeg...no gf. and Angel, lord knows he aint getttn none...no gf. yet I, the old man, have a hawt nubile, who gives me the sweet lovin whenever i want

--Few minutes later--
<Driver> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30144909&id=1010808438#/photo.php?pid=30031493&id=1010808438
<Driver> my sweetie
<Hunter> Content not found
<Hunter> Hrm
<Hunter> Somehow I'm not surprised
Comment: Owned
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#435 (0) [X]
<Tanus> i wille at your soul
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#299 (1) [X]
* Juror_Gimp drinks his cum and rum and wonders when the trial will start
Comment: .......................................
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#1570 (-1) [X]
<Wicket> i love the snow!
<Doc> You also love a lot of questionable things
<Wicket> pshh
<Slasher> and a number of things that have already been questioned and convicted
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#1494 (0) [X]
* KadBot ([email protected]) has joined #Vast_Empire
* KadBot sets mode: +o KadBot
<%Angel> Kadbot!
<@KadBot> Get away from me Angel
<%Angel> blow me Kadbot
<@KadBot> alrighty then
<%Angel> ...jackpot
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#485 (4) [X]
* Doc changes topic to ' RPG Saturday 6pm est || Vote: Elder Scrolls, Stargate [Darr][Arturus][Wicket], Shadowrun [Sam]'
<@Doc> Small type
<@Doc> *typo
<@Doc> ><
Comment: :P
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#1563 (3) [X]
<Beta> I'll name the new character Ryan
<RK> awww, I feel honored
<Beta> After me
<RK> ... jerk
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#1365 (1) [X]
<Wrex> Talon's on the case people
<@Doc> mhm
<@Doc> I know
<@Doc> idiot didn't pay his server hosting bill :P
<Hunter> haha
<Dante> lol
Comment: To provide context, earlier that day, the FT server crashed and everyone went to the Holonet server.
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