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#283 (1) [X]
* Decem gets his training saber and unzips Verkle's pants
Comment: Um...you might wanna ask Cosmic Dec;)
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#243 (12) [X]
* Doc throws a condom at a random person, chucking them in the head
* Marka is chucked in the head.
* Doc hands Marka a 'use protection pamplet' before skipping off
* Marka is schooled in sex.
<Doc> Personal lessons are 50k ICs per hour ;)
* Marka checks his wallet...
<Marka> I think I can manage it.
<Marka> Will we be nekkid for the lessons?
<Doc> Wicket should show up within 24 hours
<Doc> ;P
<Marka> Hot DOG
* Joins: Wicket ([email protected])
<Tomas> heh
* Tomas pushes Marka into Wicket
* Marka worships Doc's psychic powers.
* Doc nods
* Marka latches on to Wicket.
<Marka> Hey big boy.
<Nams|Mira> wicket!
* Nams|Mira huggles
<Wicket> hey small guy
* Marka scolds Nams, "He's mine!"
<Wicket> nams!
<Wicket> im both!
* Marka hands Wicket a condom.
<Marka> Teach me how.
<Wicket> ok
<Wicket> so what you do is
* Joins: Driver|X-Ray ([email protected])
<Wicket> open the wrapper
<Driver|X-Ray> morning all
<Wicket> and then make sure you put it on the right way
<Wicket> hey driver
<Wicket> im teaching marka about condoms
<Wicket> wanna help?
* Driver|X-Ray steps away quickly
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#45 (3) [X]
<AnT|Sims2> i'm a sinner, i know
<AnT|Sims2> but they have those cute plants now... so..cute
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#1496 (0) [X]
<Ron> ghd holiczyx zfd dzxd go fdmdm dfx
<Ron> ah fuck
<Ron> hands on the wrong key line
<Ron> the holidays are easy to remember
<Ron> *
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#1481 (0) [X]
<Jeg> Next person who mentions relativity is getting kicked.
* Jeg glares
<Bacredi> Doc, can you say thank you to Wicket
<Hunter> Anybody remember what Einstein's Theory of Relativity states?
<Doc> Perspectively speaking, I don't think he's angry
<Wicket> e=mc^2
*** You have been kicked from channel #Vast_Empire by Jeg (Jeg).
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#440 (1) [X]
<Rogueboy|Work> they all learn to accept I am the Toucher!
<Rogueboy|Work> man, woman, or child I will touch thee!
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#1359 (3) [X]
<@Rizzit> LOL
<@Rizzit> i just went to FGB
<@Rizzit> Norton came up
<@Rizzit> wants me to use its tools to protect my financial info
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#511 (2) [X]
<C-3PX2|> Common Saber Sucker! Say it!

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#48 (6) [X]
<Toks|Drawing> heck, I'm one of the giys
<Trevor> obviously, you can't spell, just like the rest of us
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#25 (12) [X]
<Rogueboy> well I do have internet...
<Toks> o.O
<Toks> that'll give you viruses
<Rogueboy> we call them online STDs
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