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#1415 (-2) [X]
<Stormz> stupid Kadbot
<KadBot> boolean isA_n00b(Stormz) return true;
<Willtconq> lmao
<Liquid> lol
<Stormz> wtf does that even mean?
<Willtconq> it means Stormz = n00b
<Sam> isA_n00b() is a function that takes in a user and sees if they are a n00b or not.
<Liquid> it's setting a variabe type deal to a boolean type
<Liquid> and returning true
<Liquid> ;)
<Willtconq> and it returns true, thus you're always a n00b XD
<Sam> woohoo, cs!
<Sam> ;P
<Liquid> lol
* Liquid is a geek
* Liquid is glad to be surrounded by geeks

Comment: geeks for life
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#1566 (1) [X]
<&Rizzit> [19:52] <@Fury> i don't see that work either <----wait a sec! Kadbot WORKS?
<@KadBot> Yes, my Master
<&Rizzit> I always thought Kadbot was on the fritz or something
<@KadBot> Rizzit, do you need anything?
<@Fury> flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, some butter and milk and a couple eggs
<&Rizzit> :D
<scout> sounds pretty simple
<&Rizzit> Kadbot, fetch that for Fury will ya?
<@KadBot> Rizzit, you is the shiznit
<&Rizzit> indeed I am

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#502 (-1) [X]
* Blue jumps in the but cavity
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#1493 (0) [X]
<bacredi> Fck this weather
<Ronald> screw your weather, fuck my mouth
<Ronald> er
<bacredi> ...
<Ronald> damn...
<bacredi> No thank you.
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#1463 (4) [X]
<Jenny|Wraith> 44D, 44M, which is bigger?
<Bacredi> M
<Havvie> lol
<Jenny|Wraith> well, characterwise, I'm a female.
<Doc> M is... backbreakingly larger
<Jenny|Wraith> alright M then.
<Bacredi> I believe it is the largest size, ever
<DeepSix> you'd need custom made uniforms lol
<Jenny|Wraith> then I'll do D.
<Havvie> yea your so disquaified for military service with an M
<Jenny|Wraith> can't have it that large....
<Skarr> It'd work for some bulletproof vest though.
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#307 (0) [X]
<Alater> "Do you suck dicks son?"
<Wicket> yep
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#118 (6) [X]
<ashar> incidently... Fury is one of the most bizzare people I've ever had the pleasure of watching masturbate over a webcam
* Merrick looks at ash
<Merrick> you what now..
<ashar> ....
<Trigit> Wow.....
* ashar whistles innocently
* Merrick pokes ash
<Merrick> i really hope you were kidding
<ashar> huh?
<ashar> about what?
<ashar> oh the shoes? no, I've had them for awhile
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#178 (4) [X]
<Darr-Rann> /quit
<Darr-Rann> Is there something wrong with IRC?
<@AnT> poof
<C-3PX2|Wiki> lol
<Verkur> lol
<Rogueboy> that works I hear :p
<Verkur> Kadbot I do not babble
<@KadBot> Trix are for Kids
<Darr-Rann> /quit
* You were kicked by KadBot (ImpBot: Version 2.1.4: Watch your use of colors)
[23:19:34] * Now talking in #Vast_Empire

<DanteDevant> lol
<Verkur> hahahahaha
* DanteDevant ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: DanteDevant)
Comment: The colour kick was worth it :P
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#478 (2) [X]
[23:16] * GlaDOS tries shutting KadBot down.
[23:16] * KadBot dresses GlaDOS in a pink bath robe
Comment: Rule 34?
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#72 (35) [X]
<Darr-Rann> My first act as King-Emporer will be to make correcting the King-Emporer's spelling a crime punishable by death.
<Fury> *emperor
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