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#159 (2) [X]
<Garet> I just shit into my pants. Can I get into yours?
<Sam> No I'm sorry there is already an asshole in there. :P
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#244 (11) [X]
<Tomas> why am I only attractive to the 30+ year olds?
<Tomas> and in this case both the 30+ year old women AND men...
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#496 (1) [X]
<Rogueboy|Work> but now your willing to go to Mc Ds?
<~Doc> Well...
<~Doc> almost
<~Doc> I have some shred of dignity still left
<~Doc> But I'd prostitute myself before flipping burgers
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#7 (32) [X]
<Tomas> but I do need a girlfriend
<Tomas> hey Saph, get my comnet message?
<Decem> ...
<Decem> awkward time to ask that Tom
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#251 (4) [X]
<Tomas> lol...I have to stop talking about my girl troubles on here...
<Tomas> it all gets quoted

Comment: How true...
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#296 (2) [X]
<Voth> I like long things. Comes from being in the Navy. Anyways, I'll put this up, then I have to scurry off
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#428 (5) [X]
<Cosmic> don't tempt me Rizzit.
<Cosmic> I'll throw the mouse that was broken during the ESC at you
<Rizzit> you still got that thing
<Cosmic> somewhere probably
<Rizzit> not surprised you sentimental you :p
<Cosmic> i was passionate, okay?
<Rizzit> about a mouse?
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#162 (1) [X]
<C-3PX2|> Rouge has a kid in his bed ?
<Rogueboy> ^_-
<Dionysus> oh it's the Rizzal
<Rogueboy> thats naught for him to know and the police
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#510 (3) [X]
<~DM> I have to resist the urge to go home early
<~DM> Wait...
<~DM> No I dont.
<~DM> I set my own hours ><
<~DM> Why is this a moral dilema? It's friggen force unleashed demo
<~DM> later
* ~DM ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: )
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#1496 (0) [X]
<Ron> ghd holiczyx zfd dzxd go fdmdm dfx
<Ron> ah fuck
<Ron> hands on the wrong key line
<Ron> the holidays are easy to remember
<Ron> *
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