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#536 (0) [X]
<Wicket> its like raiiiin on your weding day! its a freeee riiiide when youve already paid!
* LagServ shrugs
* LagServ is now known as BadMusicServ
* BadMusicServ wacks Wicket
<Wicket> its the goood adviiiiice that you just didnt take! and who wouldve thought it figuuuures
* BadMusicServ is now known as LagServ
* DM gives Doc ten points
- +
#1387 (1) [X]
* Rocketman|writhing is now known as Rocketman|writeing
<Rocketman|writeing> have spelling issues okay
- +
#1412 (3) [X]
<~Hunter> By the way
<~Hunter> About my MAE :p
<@StOrMz> have you been here for the right amountof time/
<~Hunter> Mhm
<@StOrMz> ok
<@StOrMz> i want a 1000 word PM of why you deserve a promotion
<~Hunter> Oh wow
<~Hunter> ok
<~Hunter> *Ok
<@StOrMz> lol
<@StOrMz> i'm just kidding
<~Hunter> Oh hell
<~Hunter> I was actually doing it
<~Hunter> >.<
- +
#541 (12) [X]
* Helena|Kand hands Chesh some birthday cake
<Helena|Kand> :D
<~Chesh> Oh yeah. Happy birthday.
<~Chesh> I assume Kand has taken care of the birthday spankings?
<Hunter> Heh....
<~Chesh> or does that come later?
<Hunter> Later...
<Helena|Kand> o_O
<Helena|Kand> BirthdY
<Helena|Kand> birthday spankings?*
<Helena|Kand> :p
<~Chesh> You guys don't have that in the UK?
<Helena|Kand> Nope :P
- +
#249 (6) [X]
<Cosmic> my lightsaber can change colors though
- +
#147 (-7) [X]
<Dax> I'M NOT LOVED!!!
- +
#1365 (1) [X]
<Wrex> Talon's on the case people
<@Doc> mhm
<@Doc> I know
<@Doc> idiot didn't pay his server hosting bill :P
<Hunter> haha
<Dante> lol
Comment: To provide context, earlier that day, the FT server crashed and everyone went to the Holonet server.
- +
#450 (2) [X]
<Merrick> you look like one of my former friends who was a total cunt to me
<Merrick> wow KadBot doesnt yell for that one?
<KadBot> Will do, Merrick
<|Japheth|> wow
<Nams> ....cunt
<Nams> O.o
<Truth> Ya
<Merrick> Kadann!
<Nams> hehehehehe
<FlyingSpaghettiMonster> because you could misspell cuntry
- +
#557 (2) [X]
<Wicket> oh
<Wicket> did you think i was that smart?
<showerbean> We kinda hoped
- +
#48 (6) [X]
<Toks|Drawing> heck, I'm one of the giys
<Trevor> obviously, you can't spell, just like the rest of us
- +

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