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#54 (7) [X]
<Jericho> is the giantess attractive?
<Constantine> I'm guessing no gio ;)
<GM> I don't think you would have the right size ;)
<Jericho> i beg to differ
<GM> lol
<Jericho> it provides me with +3 AC it's so big

Comment: Little does he realize it is the halflings that get the size bonus
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#212 (2) [X]
<Leon> Can you take me as your slave?
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#49 (2) [X]
<Rogueboy> Toki gets high off of life
<Rogueboy> she dont need anything else
<Doc> Except cookies
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#1528 (1) [X]
<Dante01> so
<`_`> what
<Dante01> who's here
<`_`> Your mom's here right now, I probably should send her out, but she makes a mean sammich for me
<Jamasis> sammich?
* Dante01 slow-claps
<Dante01> Witty.
<Dante01> As a brick to the head.
<`_`> I can do that too if you like
<Jamasis> What is a sammich?
<Dante01> it's a creature from the isle of sam
<Jamasis> Oh okay
<Jamasis> I was genuinely confused
<Dante01> small breeding population, endangered species
<Dante01> ...
<`_`> You mean confuzzled
<Dante01> ...
<`_`> Sandwich actually
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#255 (4) [X]
<Rizzit> Doc, anything half-assed from you is near perfect
- +
#203 (1) [X]
<Wicket> did i pass my dumbness roll?
- +
#486 (4) [X]
<Fury> tho i keep one of my physics textbooks just because it has a graphic description of friction
<Fury> unintentional porn
- +
#1529 (1) [X]
<Rizzit> tonight however
<Rizzit> we settled for smurf porn
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#148 (0) [X]
<J> Ryan Kenobi
<J> Let us all bow down to his oh so powerful ways!
Comment: Yea, what he said
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#333 (3) [X]
<KadBot> Alater, Please watch your language. This is your second warning.
<Glaug-Eldare> KadBot, Please watch your language. This is your third and final warning.
<KadBot> alrighty then
Comment: haha kadbot submits to my authority
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